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Watering Your Plants

Hopefully, most of you have had a chance to get your garden or pots planted. I just wanted to write a bit about watering. A few basics:

  1. Tap water contains chlorine. Chlorine is used to kill living organisms in the water. Water straight from the tap is not great for your plants. Rainwater is best, but otherwise let the tap water sit for a day. The chlorine gas will evaporate out if left to sit for a while.

  2. Water plants early in the morning or near sunset. That way you cut down on water lost to evaporation.

  3. When starting seeds make sure to keep them moist until they emerge from the soil.

  4. Avoid overhead watering. Try to water at the base of the plants., not on them. Many diseases that plants get spread because of wet leaf materials.

  5. After your seeds sprouts, water deeply and let dry out in between waterings. It is best to soak the ground to a depth of 6in and let it dry out. This trains the roots to search for water and will make them more drought tolerant. If you water too little, too often the roots will only develop near the surface creating a weak root system that can cause multiple problems later on.

  6. Watering containers is tricky. As I explained before you are best off making sure the pot is well watered to begin with.. As the plants grow the water needs will change. In general the larger the plant the more often it will need watered.

  7. Feel the weight of the pot after it is fully watered. Know what it feels like. When it feels light water it!

Hope this helps. If your plants have died or been eaten by bugs or bunnies let me know. I still have extras you can pick up.

Good Luck!


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